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Afterhours Proprietor's Choice Fourth Generation winemaker Bryson Frank Nerelli is carving a name for himself in the wine industry.  Specializing in limited production dessert wines and sourcing grapes from some of the most prestigious vineyards in Santa Maria Valley, Bryson is developing a exemplary style all his own. With a wine making heritage and a passion for excellence, Bryson is hand crafting wine for your and his enjoyment.

Nerelli Generation 4 Winemaker Bryson Frank Nerelli invites a new generation to enjoy the creativity of the past, by honoring four generations of Nerelli winemakers with his heritage blend, "Generation 4".  As there is nothing new under the sun, the search light of truth is bringing to light only what has been passed down to the very few in all generations.  Bryson is proud of his winemaking heritage and honors is father and mentor, Frank Nerelli, grandfather, Aldo Nerelli, and his great-grandfather, Lorenzo Nerelli with this unique blend of Syrah from Alisos Vineyard, Zinfandel from the Frank Nerelli Vineyard, and Zinfandel from the Aldo Nerelli Vineyard.  "In Vino Vertas"