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About the label The design of our Label was an adventure in itself. While travelling through Italy, May of 2001, Connie came across an artist in the little town of Greve, in the Chianti district in Tuscany, who had the same talent and passion toward art as Frank had for wine. With a hand shake and a small deposit, a deal was struck. He agreed to create a different alley painting every year to grace the label; the first being an alley in Florence, with the Duomo (the church of Santa Maria del Fiore) as the background. The rest of the label would remain the same with a representation of a small mountain lion that roams free in the Templeton Gap, embossed in gold, at the botton of the label as ZinAlley’s “Alley Cat.”

The words “Vicolo della Zinfandel,” is Italian for “Zinfandel of the Alley;” the alley, being the famous Templeton Gap. The next Label was of Florence (same artist) as well, the following two were of Venice and were created by a new artist.